Our Froggies Are a-Courtin'

Our Froggies Are a-Courtin’

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, the frogs made a reappearance in our pond yesterday.  The first time we visited the farm last summer, there had been a frog sunning itself on a lilly pad in the pollywog-filled pond, putting a fine point on the property’s idyll.  By the time we moved in in late November, however, the frogs had made themselves scarce.

With all of the dog activity there’s been in that tiny pond since then, I was concerned that the frogs might not return, but then all at once, there they were again.  Yesterday I counted as many as 4 at one time.  Today, right before I came inside for the evening, I counted ten, all stacked up in copulating pairs – in a pond about the size of two or three bathtubs.

Between all those frogs, a marauding Lucy, the couple dozen fish that are already living there and the hundreds of pollywogs that will no doubt soon arrive, our little pond is going to be quite a lively place.