The final product

Look what’s coming to dinner

The fourth of July weekend was a productive one. We managed to start, and finish, one of the many projects on our list – a dinner table.

Amanda’s grandmother gave us a beautiful little table a few years back, a simple wooden top and a heavier-than-you-can-imagine cast iron base. I’d never seen a base like it before, its a cast iron column with a simple octagonal base. When we moved up here we were hitting the local indoor flea market and amazingly there was another small table with the same base, albeit painted white. Amanda had the brilliant idea that we could get this table, and take the two bases and make a large dinner table to perfectly fit our room.

Last weekend we found an new antique store in Kent that had an overwhelming amount of doors and windows. Its a little over-priced (the cost of windows is what inspired us to go get all the windows at our local junk store before they were snapped up), but they had some great old doors. We found one the perfect size and spent this weekend stripping and refinishing it, as well as stripping the paint off the base and touching it up to match the other one. The finished product is a great old wood table for only a few hundred bucks!


The sanded door

The refinished table leg

The final product