One down…25 left

Where we ordered the Guinea fowl, the minimum shipment was 25. Since they ship them in the mail, they throw in an extra to cover any loss in shipping, so on Friday we had 26. It is now Sunday and we have 25.

It was the dog.

She was being so cute, she kept watching the little keets with an almost motherly look on her face. She would stick her head down into the plastic tub and sniff at them, but never seemed like she thought they were food. However, the little guys outgrew their plastic tub and we switched them to a pen mad out of a sofa box, is 4’x4′ with a 1′ edge. High enough to keep the keets in, not high enough to keep the dog out.

Now I’m always assuming our dog is up to trouble, and typically keep her in my sights, but she is wiley. We were working on dinner in the kitchen and I noticed that she wasn’t underfoot…she is always underfoot in the kitchen. I quietly strolled into the living room, not wanting to alarm Amanda, and found Lucy next to the pen with an eviscerated keet on the floor.

We have moved them into the basement (as it has warmed up enough, and the birds are bigger now), so we are safe for now.  I’m really hoping we caught her soon enough that she didn’t really get a taste for them, and my fingers are crossed that she won’t sneak into the coop this summer.